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Since 2003 ~

Eco-Logen Co.,Ltd has the ideology which is focused on life style of nature, human, culture and better life.
We are constantly trying to create and improve new technologies for a more harmonious life of human and nature.


Awarded the environmentally friendly recognition award by the Ministry of the Environment-Korean
   Environmental Industrial Technology Research Institute Implemented an industrial MOU for eco-interiors
   by the Korean Environmental Industrial Technology Research Institute.


Joint Venture MOU with China Low-carbon Industry Investment Center. Eco-Interior MOU with Korea
   Environmental Industry&Technology Institute.


The new factory open renovations and additions for nautral paint.


Ordinary license of state-owned patent rights.


Eco-Logen made public international academic thesis and included in that thesis.


Eco-Logen was chosen interior material of Han-Green project of KFRI test house


Produced natural anion board made of loess, charcoal.

Constructed exterior wall used carbonized wood of Eco-Center in Busan.

Acquired patent of natural paint (co-development Eco-Logen, Seoul Univ., KFRI)


Acquried KAS 9001; 2001, ISO 9001; 2000.

Developed eco-friendly paint made of loess, kaolin, charcoal, natural dyes
  (Applied co-applicant patent with Seoul Univ. industrial-educational cooperation).


Produced drt preserved log wood at the first in Korea.

Registered patent of method of construction : LQDS.


Participated in TECHMART in Chian.


Participated in Technology Licensing Exihibition in
  Vietnam (Representer for KITI).

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Our eco-mark certifications, KS physical properties and performance in government

For Less harmful substances, Less air pollutants pollutants, Less indoor air pollution

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