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Natural paint “ECO-LOGEN” maintains and preserves the unique functionality of the natural material, containing more than 80~100% of raw kaolin, soil, natural minerals and natural materials.
And it is the product safe from the exposure to harmful substances continuously emitted from formaldehyde, VOC, heavy metals and radon, and is the natural new painting product with high functionality that acquired eco-friendliness certification from Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute of the Ministry of Environment, using proven natural raw materials.
Powder paint has become not freeze.
So good circulation and Storage.

Source Techonology and Reliability

Ordinary licensed technology product of the state-owned patent of Korea Forest Service, National Forest Research Institute. Co-developed patent product with Kim, Department of Environmental Materials Science & Engineering, Seoul National University. Selected and constructed technology product as the interior material of “Han Green” Test House of Green Home. The product that has been presented and included in the paper of Low Carbon, Green Growth 2009 International Symposium.

Features and Functions

Working is easy and it is possible to live in houses immediately after construction due to no chemical odor. There is not any defect such as fly powder, attachment and adhesion failure, cracking or peeling off after 1~2 years from construction.
It is safe and free from continued harmful substances such as formaldehyde, TVOCs, radon and so forth. It is economical since the additional flame-proof treatment is not required due to using incombustible raw materials. (See the official paper of National Emergency Management Agency)

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