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About Company

Natural paint “ECO-LOGEN” maintains and preserves the unique functionality of the natural material, containing more than 80~100% of raw kaolin, soil, natural minerals and natural materials. And it is the product safe from the exposure to harmful substances continuously emitted from formaldehyde, VOC, heavy metals and radon, and is the natural new painting product with high functionality that acquired eco-friendliness certification from Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute of the Ministry of Environment, using proven natural raw materials. Powder paint has become not freeze. So good circulation and Storage.


Eco-Logen, as a compound word of 'Eco-friendly', 'Loess' and 'Oxygen',
represent our products of oxygen paints based on natural loess products.

Eco-Logen Co., Ltd has the ideology which is focused on life style of nature, human, culture and better life.
We are constantly trying to create and improve new technologies for a more harmonious life of human and nature.

Construction Practices

Natural Paint "ECO-LOGEN"

Source Technology and Reliability

Ordinary licensed technology product of the state-owned patent of Korea Forest Service, National Forest Research Institute Co-developed patent product ...

Features and Functions

Working is easy and it is possible to live in houses immediately after construction due to no chemical odor. There is not any defect such as fly powder, attachment...


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Our eco-mark certifications, KS physical properties and performance in government

For Less harmful substances, Less air pollutants pollutants, Less indoor air pollution

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